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Monday, Monday Bah-da bah-da-da-da

Good morning folks and thanks for joining me in my first blog for such a long time. Time is the problem or lack of it or other things consuming it but here we are....I've managed to grab a little piece of time to do a little piece of writing.

I hope everyone is well - mentally as well as physically. I find the winter months difficult but I'm trying to find a little bit of magic in every day. I'm looking out the window - it's wet and windy and worst of all, it's grey - but there are still some leaves on the trees across the road - oranges and golds - desperately hanging on in there saying 'Mary is not yet ready for winter - let us stay a bit longer for her to enjoy'. Winter, when days are dry and frost makes everything seem clean and fresh, are the best but I'm learning to accept the rain too. Everything is good for us in one way or another.

I'm at home this week and I'm trying to get the 'important' things done - my bum stuck to the sofa and surrounded by paperwork and receipts - the downside of working for myself. It's a boring, laborious task and a reminder of the countless broken promises I've made to myself about doing these things on a monthly basis.

At least I have my whippets to keep me company. They are wonderful and as funny as ever but the eldest is a terrible fusspot - she will not lie down until her blanket is just perfect. Sometimes a squabble ensues if one whippet feels they have the right to be closer to mummy than the other, the Alpha Female role jostled between them but it's endearing and good to know they want to be close.

I'm missing singing so much - shower walls my only audience - although I was doing a little bit in preparation for a wee gig we had lined up. Alas, it was not to be this time and I'm so disappointed but the hard work won't go to waste - it'll just mean we're even better when the next time comes around. Recordings of songs I've written are slowly but surely being worked on by the guys in the band and, yes I'm biased, but I think they sound good! Sometimes I know where words have come from then I wonder how on earth I thought of a lyric and wishing it was as easy now as it was when I wrote the song to begin with. Words are stashed away in my head, on my phone, on bits of paper all very patiently waiting on their big moment. I can hear them in song, in their full glory, but trying to explain to others what I'm hearing is one of the hardest parts about song writing for me. It works out in the end though - it just takes a little longer. I've actually been thinking about hauling my old accordion down from the loft. A wee bit of chord appreciation may make it easier for me before I get side tracked and set about trying to remember how to play a Jimmy Shand hit!

Thankfully though, I am still very busy with all things arty and have a few commissions under way. I did join a life drawing class which was fabulous. So interesting and relaxing with such a lovely group of people but the whole time thing got in the way. I am now creating clay angels - no mean feat - for my pop up shop in Castle Douglas (from 23rd to 27th November) and I will have lots of new Christmas cards and wonderful paintings for sale. I'm hoping shoppers will buy local knowing the time and love that goes in to every product I sell and being reassured that every time they buy one of my pieces, my heart bursts with happiness!

Like words, I have so many drawings in so many sketch books. I found one by chance this morning and it made me feel good. Showing many of the things I treasure in my life - whippets, wildlife, Scotland, music, Isle of Skye - , I'm going to turn this into a proper painting when I get the chance.

Anyway, for such a short blog, this has taken an incredible chunk of my time - not that I grudge a second but the receipts are staring up at me, making me feel guilty and there are scotch pies (a weakness) ready to go in to the oven.

Thanks for sparing a couple of minutes to read and thanks, as always, for your support. Stay safe and well and hopefully I'll see you in the shop or at a gig in the future xx

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