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Smelly big birthdays!

Before I talk about my 'big birthday' I wanted to give you an update on our pooches. Last week I mentioned they'd both gone in for procedures and I'm pleased to say that they got through them exceedingly well. A huge thank you to the Bard Veterinary Group in Dumfries. Our eldest whippy was as right as rain within a couple of days and is honestly behaving like a puppy since having had her teeth cleaned and rotten ones removed. She's taking off with scrubbing brushes, slippers and she nicked a sausage and burger at my birthday bbq yesterday! It's great to see her so happy.

The wee one was a little unsure of things for a few days - understandably, after going through such a big operation. However, in the last day or so we've noticed that she's almost back to her old self - her stitches are still to be removed but she's running round the garden quite the thing again.

The domination in dogs is very interesting. The younger of the two, before her op, had taken over as top dog and the older one gave in to her in many ways, but it was obvious that the position changed between them after the wee one had her op. Our older girl was once again in charge and took full advantage of the situation. It hasn't lasted long though as our little girl is getting faster and becoming the Alpha Female again.

The Big 50!!!

I turned 50 yesterday and it turned out ok in the end. In the weeks leading up to it, I was embracing the fact I was reaching this milestone - as a woman, finally feeling comfortable with how I look and who I am but then I got a bit shaky - not about becoming 50 but spending my first birthday without my mum who I lost in May 2020. It all became very emotional but a chat to a friend and a visit to the cemetery got me back on track!

So, I had a great day with my husband, kids and dogs and received some lovely gifts - many beautiful bunches of flowers - hyacinths, chrysanthemums, irises, little thistles and lots and lots of lovely lilies. It honestly feels like I am living in a florist's shop. The scent is overwhelming - it's beautiful....

...and talking of flowers and smells, I went walking with my husband today on a high road overlooking the coast. Pale lemon primroses had appeared in the woodland and the hawthorn blossom and bluebells are now starting to show their gorgeous forms....but the gorse bushes (or whinbushes as they're also known) were the loveliest sight and held the warmest smell - bright yellow flowers and an overpowering sweet, honey, vanilla scent. Wow!

We saw lots of lambs (one wearing a little plastic coat - yes, really) with their mums, many beautiful horses from the 3Rs Horse Rescue Centre, Belted Galloway cows, rabbits, crows and donkeys just like the one below. This is a quick sketch which I'll either sell as it is or redo. I'm going to sell it in aid of the horse rescue watch this space!

And finally....the garden is going well. I planted out my sweet peas and lobelia in pots and I have sunflowers, gypsophila (my favourite), poppies, nasturtiums, ox-eye daisies, sage, chives and lemon balm growing from seed!

Oh yes, I almost forgot, my husband has caught up with Line of Duty so we're desperately waiting for this Sunday's episode. Will 'H' finally be revealed.......???

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