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Summer Blog.....makes me feel fine

So...isn't that supposed to be one of the most annoying ways to start a sentence? Well, to hell with it!

So....I said in my last blog that I was determined to keep up with my writings on a regular basis but, alas, that promise to myself fell by the wayside as do many others I make. The promise to drink 8 pints of water a day; to cleanse, tone and moisturise; to eat one square of chocolate a week; to stop using bad language.....aye, whatever.

Fear not though for I am here - exhausted but present. Today I finished day 4 of a 4 day art and crafts event in Kirkcudbright and it was, seriously, a delight! I was pitched up with my stuff in a 3x3 gazebo in the church grounds (Soaperie Gardens, if you please). The sun shone and the light through the trees was dappled. I chatted, chatted, sold, chatted, ate too much, chatted, cuddled a few dogs, sold and chatted some more with people I hadn't seen in a while. It felt good - customers were saying how much they loved my work and I felt positive. I felt like a 'proper' artist - at last!

I listened to the bands playing which made me miss my own. I wanted to get up there and sing so badly - so badly I wanted to sing. I was aching for it so much that I started whining desperately about it to anyone who would listen. The dogs cheered me up though....I met who wanted to kiss me - not out of affection sadly - but because it could taste the remnants of a chicken, cheese and coleslaw roll on my lips. I talked whippets, lurchers, staffies, bedlington terriers (the one who kissed me), spaniels, labradors....everyone loves to talk dog. Of course, if it hadn't been for our own two whippets and the pictures I paint of them, much of the chat wouldn't have happened. Their images sold and sold again and we are currently in talks about an increase in their daily ration of pedigree tasty minis cheesy dog treats!

Another attraction was 'Joy'. Meriting giggles from children, remarks from husbands and elbow nudges in the husbands' stomachs from their wives, she was a firm favourite making so many people smile.

So..(again)....all my hard work has paid off and the late nights and early mornings have been worth it. I have a commission to finish; a couple of others to do; and in between I'm sure I will sing; write songs and continue to paint....oh and tidy up the bloody garden, which I'm sad to say has not been a success after all my big plans!

In the meantime, look after your precious selves. Meet a friend for a chinese takeaway in the park and put the world to rights together over some rum and baileys. It means so much.

Finally, there are a few wee cards for sale and, for those who have website vouchers from me, don't be afraid to use them - make you happy, make me happy #happymary

Love you lot a lot x

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