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Well, this is interesting!!!!

Or at least I've got to make it sound as if it is. If it's lead you past the first sentence,, then maybe it's working....a bit! Do I sound like I'm a bit of a self doubter? I think I do and yes, I am.

Anyway, I'm almost 50 and so I've taken the plunge and got myself a website in the hope that I can promote and ultimately sell the little bits of art I create.

Please have a look around - I'm sure there must be something here you'll like and, if not, there is definitely something here that a friend, relation, neighbour or dog would appreciate!

As far as this blog is concerned (completely new to me), I'll just do a bit of wittering about stuff and, you can join in if you like, but please no bad stuff - everyone's having enough of that at the moment!

So that's all I'm going to say for this evening. Thanks for visiting and take care xx

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